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If it is a cushion or mattress: we make it!
Below find a list and description of some of our
most popular products.

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We make mattresses of all shapes, sizes, and lengths. Most of our clients prefer the Latex Talalay for the proper feel and durability, though we also can use other materials.

lt burgundy arrow boxTo read more about our Talalay mattresses and other products, click here. We also provide Dunlopio Talalay products.
Click here to view these.

lt burgundy arrow boxOur Inner Spring mattresses are all hand made. To read more about them, click here.

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click here.

lt burgundy arrow boxJust some of our other products include: Beds - Futons

lt burgundy arrow boxSpecial Orders:
  Customized sizes and specifications

lt burgundy arrow boxCustom Beds include:

   Antique beds - Frames
   Water bed conversions
   Baby beds - Trundle beds
   Sleeper mattresses

lt burgundy arrow box Electric adjustable beds

lt burgundy arrow boxPILLOWS

We carry all types of pillow products. For more information, Click here.


If a furniture store, mattress company, or other retail store cannot provide the bed or mattress for a client, they send them to us.


lt burgundy arrow boxCUSTOM MATTRESSES & BOX SPRINGS

We make BED2all types of inner spring mattresses from soft to extra firm: any size, any shape, any length - any type of custom work required! We use all cotton with our beds because it will outlast even the tempered steel spring units! We hand tuft our beds, which allows us to put more cotton in our bed and allows us to take the indentations in the mattress out of the mattress - permanently. 

Box springs and different foundations include box springs, semi-flex, modular, and/or all wood. Our Box springs are actually made by hand by us in a coil-on-coil construction. Why? Because the bed feels more the way you want it to feel. It also supports the mattress better and allows it to last longer. (Similar to better shocks on the front of your car; it cushions your mattress.)

For more information about our mattress and pillow products, click here

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Pressure Sensitive Memory Foam Products such as pillows or toppers can be very helpful for those suffering from back or neck pain, bursitis, artbed frhritis, or other joint related problems. Others simply enjoy the memory foam products because it helps them sleep better. We use 4lb. and 5lb. densities. We suggest you come in and try out each density to see which is the right one for you. This product works off of body heat. The 5lb. density is more expensive and provides more support, but may be too hard in cold temperatures. The 4lb. density, is more temperature sensitive and more pliable, but may lack some of the extra support you may need.

We offer memory foam as toppers, overlays, mattresses, pillows, and custom products. For more information, click here

lt burgundy arrow boxCUSTOM BEDS & FRAMES

We make custom beds - all sizes, all types. Currently we are working on an 1800 French style bed. We can make any type! If you wish an antique style or special size -- we can do this for you. In fact, we have a reputation around town for dependability and the ability to make ANY type of bed. So much so, that the main companies in town all send their specialty customers to us!

We also carry all sizes of steel frames.

lt burgundy arrow boxADJUSTABLE BEDS

s-cape-ac  adj bed Our S-Cape adjustable beds’ wall-hugging action helps you save valuable space in your bedroom and keeps the bed next to your night stand.

Some Features:

  • Change the elevation of your head and feet
  • Use the massager to relax tired muscles
  • Set your position to just the one you want
  • Backlit hand wand with raised buttons
  • Two AC motors provide independent foot and head movement.
  • Easy rolling casters
  • Lighter weight provides greater ease of rolling
  • Low profile mattress retainer
  • Variable height, just like the luxury bed profiles!
  • Metal frames robotically welded and powder coating, providing strenth and good-looking finish.
  • Sizes: Twin XL, Full XL, Queen and Dual King.
  • Beautiful, luxurious boxspring provides enhanced support.


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